Small kitchen appliances that I can recommend

rice cooker

Reishunger Digital rice cooker & steamer with keep-warm function, timer & premium inner pot. A multi-cooker incl. Rice spoon & measuring cup, 12 programs, 7-phase technology, up to 8 people

The digital rice cooker from Reishunger managed to take my kitchen appliance heart by storm within a very short time. I use it to make sushi rice, basmati rice, quinoa and brown rice and I’ve always been amazed by the perfect result! We were particularly pleasantly surprised with the sushi rice. The own program made it nice and sticky and just perfect. With the rice cooker it is possible to cook different types of rice and grains to perfection. Nothing burns, the rice or grains unfold their full aroma through 7 cooking phases and the consistency and taste are perfect and great. In addition, the rice cooker works very quietly.
Overall, I highly recommend this rice cooker. The use is very easy (there is also a detailed description in German).

lightning hacker

Small flash hacker in a compact format. The perfect everyday size. Great for chopping ingredients, preparing dressings and sauces and more.

Disassembling and closing works very well and quickly. The lid also simply clicks into place and can be easily taken apart for cleaning. Onions and vegetables are chopped up in no time. With pulsing there is also no slush. Pesto also works well, crushing nuts (don’t grind them, you need a machine with a grater function) also works very well, but I got myself a second knife from a specialist shop especially for hard foods.

food processor

Luxurious, solid metal KitchenAid food processor with a powerful 250 watt motor. This has a direct drive and 10 speed levels for silent operation and exceptional performance. The mixing action of the planetary mixer provides faster, more thorough mixing of ingredients right up to the rim of the bowl. The foldable food processor head makes attaching accessories particularly easy. This fantastic food processor is delivered with a dough hook, whisk, flat beater and 4.3 liter stainless steel mixing bowl.

I thought my husband was pretty silly when he bought this Kitchen Aid for a lot of money. Then we baked cakes and I was immediately blown away. The Kitchen Aid is robust, elegant, easy to use and clean. Looks great in my kitchen.


1.75 L Diamond Blender for large and small quantities. The large, BPA-free container is made in one piece and can easily be cleaned in the dishwasher.

KitchenAid has built a great blender here that impresses in every respect at home. The mixer performance and the various setting options are really admirable here.

hand mixer

Robust hand mixer with electronic precision control. 9 speed levels and soft start. Soft comfort grip and LED speed display.

This device is by far the best hand mixer I have ever had. The device makes a very high-quality impression and also creates larger quantities of yeast dough. This is where my cheaper predecessor device from Bosch failed and ran hot! The Kitchenaid hand mixer is fun.


Ich habe das Gefühl, dass ich das nicht oft genug sage oder dass ich Euch jemals genug danken könnte. Aber Danke für all Eure Unterstützung, für den Besuch meines Rezepte-Blogs, das Kommentieren und das Teilen meiner Rezepte mit Euren Freunden und Familie. Ich bin Euch sehr dankbar dafür!
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