Korean cabbage pancakes baechujeon 🥕*

... a cheap, easy and delicious recipe. You will be surprised how good this tastes!

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Korean Cabbage Pancakes Baechujeon 배추전 a cheap, easy and delicious recipe. You will be surprised how good this tastes!

Today we are making a delicious snack from the Korean province of Gyeongnam using Chinese cabbage. It’s called „baechujeon“ in Korean. Napa cabbage, as Chinese cabbage is also known, is dipped and fried in a delicious batter. Served with a delicious dipping sauce. This Korean meal is surprisingly delicious considering how easy it is to make and how inexpensive the ingredients are. My husband and son have a new favorite meal today. You should also try it one day, it’s worth it.

Korean cabbage pancakes baechujeon 배추전

Korean cabbage pancakes baechujeon 배추전

The batter for the Korean cabbage pancakes Baechujeon

The Chinese cabbage is already very delicious at home, so to make our Korean cabbage pancakes Baechujeon, we also dip it in a delicious batter made from good broth. The Chinese cabbage itself is slightly sweet and nice and crunchy. That’s good, and the batter will enhance that flavor even more.

I usually use vegetable broth made from Asian vegan stock cubes. Take a look around the Asian shop, there is a huge selection of different broths. You might also have homemade vegetable broth. The batter should be thin and somewhat runny: if it’s too thick it will clump, so the ratio is important.

Korean cabbage pancakes baechujeon 배추전

homemade dip for cabbage pancakes

Soy sauce dip for Korean cabbage pancakes

Mix all the ingredients well, which you can do a day in advance. Simply store the dip in an airtight container and refrigerate. Be careful with the Korean red pepper flakes, they can be very spicy, so test beforehand.

Korean cabbage pancakes baechujeon 배추전

Fry Korean cabbage pancakes

These pancakes are best enjoyed straight from the pan. Cut the fried lettuce into bite-sized pieces and dip in the soy dipping sauce and enjoy. I’m so excited to share this Napa Cabbage Pancakes recipe with you because it’s super easy to make. They also contain far less batter than typical pancakes, meaning you can eat more and feel less guilty. 😊

And since we only use the outer leaves of the Chinese cabbage, here ’s a delicious and also very simple recipe to use up the rest.

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Korean cabbage pancakes baechujeon 배추전

... a cheap, easy and delicious recipe. You will be surprised how good this tastes!
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Vorbereitungszeit 10 Min.
Zubereitungszeit 10 Min.
Gericht Asian cooking, stir-fry vegetables
Land & Region Korea
Portionen 2 portions
Kalorien 50 kcal


grill pan*


  • 6-8 leaves Chinese cabbage

For the pancake batter:

  • 125 ml vegetable broth
  • 80 G flour
  • ½ tsp kosher salt*
  • 1 egg Or replace with more broth
  • vegetable oil to fry

For the sauce:


Baechujeon sauce:

  • Rinse the spring onions and shake dry. chop finely
  • Now mix the soy sauce, red pepper flakes, rice vinegar, chopped green onions and toasted sesame seeds in a small bowl.
  • Put aside.

Prepare Chinese cabbage:

  • Remove outer limp leaves. Now cut 6 to 8 leaves, depending on the size, from the stalk. Flatten and cut lengthwise at the bottom so they lie flat.

Cabbage Leaves Batter:

  • Whisk together the broth, salt, flour, and egg in a large bowl. Vegans leave out the egg and add a little more vegetable broth accordingly.
  • The batter should have an almost runny consistency, like pancake batter.

Fry cabbage leaves:

  • Heat vegetable oil in a pan over medium heat. (not too little oil, so that the pancakes are nice and crispy)
  • Pull each cabbage leaf through the batter so that the entire leaf is covered with batter and place in the pan.
  • Repeat with all other leaves.
  • If the leaves bend upwards when frying, simply press down with a spatula for a few seconds. Fry for 2 minutes on each side until golden and crispy.
  • Transfer to a plate and serve immediately with the dip.

Nutrition Label

Serving: 1pcCalories: 50kcal
Keyword Chinese cabbage, cook inexpensively, pancakes, quick dishes, simple dishes, stir-fried vegetables, vegan, vegetarian
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